If you’re new here, welcome to roman numeral five. First off, you may be wondering about the name; in truth, the title was just my attempt at being clever (roman numeral five = V, get it?) but it stuck, and even four years after creating rnf, I just can’t bring myself to change it. I think the term blog is overused, so I prefer to think of this site as a thought catalog of sorts—a digital catch-all for my contemplations about life, faith and my increasingly more frequent travels.

I believe God has blessed me with thoughts that cannot be contained in my mind and words that need to be shared to bring hope to others. But I cannot claim any credit as my own; God gifts me with the words to write and enables my soul to find Him in the everyday.

When I started roman numeral five, I promised to always be genuine with the stories I tell, and that element remains the driving force behind everything I write. Life isn’t always all that interesting, but I’ve learned that you can find inspiration even in the seemingly ordinary, if only you know how to look.

I believe life is a splendid adventure, and writing is my way of ensuring that I don’t miss a single moment of the ride. roman numeral five chronicles my way through college life, faith and travels as I attempt to find meaning in even the most mundane of circumstances. So will you go on this journey with me?

Let’s enjoy this one wild and precious life together.


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